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What we do

Communications strategy

Almost every communications project starts with developing a strategy and determining the positioning. This could be in relation to an IPO, a merger or acquisition, a reorganisation or another key development. There are two factors that are critically important in all these cases. The story must be rock-solid and it must be crystal clear to all the involved parties what the company stands for and where it wants to go. This is how you provide clarity on your position and guiding principles and create the required support to bring all the relevant parties on board. We work closely with our clients within these projects to formulate the right communications strategy.


Perception and reputation

The first objective when it comes to the perception of legal issues, crisis situations or conflicts is often to make it clear that not everything is as it seems. It is imperative in these cases that both sides of the story be told properly. We support our clients in their communications regarding conflicts, reputation issues and legal issues. The related aim is to bring the background and arguments into clear focus.


Media and presentation training

Formulating a clear story is often the first step. The second step generally entails presenting the story effectively and sticking to the main points. This is why we help speakers and companies prepare for presentations and media appearances. This ensures they know what to expect and are able to tell their own authentic story.


Media contacts

Dealing with the media demands insight into the specific wishes and perspectives of different types of media. Interacting with journalists is not a necessary evil. It is an indispensable link in the dialogue with relevant target groups. Media are the intermediaries to customers, investors and employees. We leverage our many years of experience and far-reaching knowledge of the media landscape to assist companies with their national and international media contacts. We fulfil this role either as a behind-the-scenes adviser or a spokesperson for the media.



SPJ has many years of experience in writing reports and announcements that are often complex in nature. We are able to present the message clearly and tailor it to the different external and internal target groups. This also extends to writing annual reports in which vision and objectives are combined with a transparent evaluation of the results and a realistic outlook. We also set up newsletters and assist companies in developing content for websites, brochures, sponsored magazines and digital media communications.


Investor relations

Maintaining a dialogue with capital providers is a vital precondition for companies’ continued existence. Capital is a scarce commodity and only available to those companies that are able to convince investors of the strength of their business model and the probability of returns. Effectively maintaining these contacts requires knowledge and perseverance. SPJ possesses the required experience to provide companies with strategic and practical support in this field.  


Public affairs

Government agencies and civil society organisations are among companies’ relevant stakeholders. The dialogue with these stakeholders is equally as important as contacts with employees and capital providers. SPJ provides assistance in this area to both clients based in the Netherlands and international companies that need to develop these contacts quickly due to a merger or acquisition.



Legal disputes can define the reputation of a company, individual or organization. The risk of damage is there even before cases make it to the courtroom. SPJ has experience guiding clients through the communications aspects of litigation matters. We have done so in high profile lawsuits. We combine strategic communications advice and legal knowledge in high level media relations in legal procedures, to create a balanced public record.